Arundel House Q & A

There are a number of questions that guests often forget to ask that can have an effect on the enjoyment of their stay with us at Arundel House Restaurant & Rooms. Often, finding out the answers to these questions too late can result in a disappointment that is easy to avoid. We will be updating this page on a regular basis and would welcome suggestions for items that we should add here.

Do you have a Lounge or Bar?
No, we don’t. As it says on the tin, we are truly a Restaurant with Rooms. However, with Arundel on your doorstep there are a great choice of venues in which to enjoy an afternoon coffee, or pre-dinner drink. We’d be happy to make some suggestions. When visiting the restaurant, it is worth noting that we take you directly to your table on arrival but we are happy to offer you aperitifs before bringing menus.

Do you play music in the restaurant?
We do play music in the background at all times. During breakfast we play BBC Radio 2 and for the rest of the day we like Big Band Swing and a little Jazz. Artists include Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Jamie Cullum, Robbie Williams, Harry Connick Jr. and Diana Krall to name a few. We play the music using an Apple iPod, so you should never here the same track twice. If you are having a private party with us you can bring your own playlists on your own iPod for the event.

Can you guarantee peace and quiet?
Arundel House is situated directly on the High Street of this bustling little town. Evening traffic is quite gentle, but the agricultural nature of the surrounding area means that early morning traffic can be something of a wake up call. All of our windows have single pane glass due to our Grade II listing. Rooms two and three, on the second floor, offer the most insulation and do not have rooms above them.

Why can’t we check-in on Sunday’s?
Arundel House Restaurant & Rooms is closed on a Sunday, and there are no staff present after breakfast is served. Therefore, there is no-one here to help you check-in. Guests arriving earlier in the week are welcome to stay on Sunday’s and we will return to serve breakfast on Monday morning.

Do any of your rooms have baths?
No. We have chosen to equip all of our rooms with powerful drench showers to imporve on the space available in our bathrooms. All of our showers will happily accommodate two people!

I am quite tall, will I be comfortable?
There is one room that we would recommend to taller guests, and that is room four. It is on the first floor which offers higher ceilings than the second floor – allowing the shower head to be placed higher. The room is one of our Standard Double’s which all feature beds without foot boards – to allow feet a little extra room to stretch. Our large double and small double rooms do have foot boards at the bottom of the bed.

Do you have your own car park?
No. We make use of Mill Road Car Park, opposite the main Castle entrance, and just 200 metres from our doorstep. We provide overnight guests with a parking voucher so that you may park here free of charge. Restaurant customers must purchase a Pay & Display ticket. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your vehicle, but we can say that we have had no such incidents in the five years that we have been open.

I can’t see any pictures with Tea & Coffee in our room…
That is because there are no facilities for making drinks in any of the rooms apart from our Large Double Bedroom. This is to help keep the amount of clutter in your room to a minimum, and create more space for you. When the restaurant is open, from the start of breakfast until the end of dinner we would be happy to freshly prepare a coffee and tea of your choice and deliver it to your room free of charge. Just call us on ‘0’ on your room telephone.

And finally, do you scramble your own eggs?
This is not a joke, we have been asked this question at breakfast. The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, we do scramble, poach and fry our own eggs. However, we do stop short of laying them ourselves!